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API (American Petroleum Institute) Composite List


 The API Composite List is a directory of companies licensed to use the API Monogram and the APIQR Registration Mark. The list is a valuable tool designed to help buyers of API specified equipment locate qualified manufacturers around the world.  

The API Composite List provides an alphabetical listing of over 1,600 manufacturers licensed to mark their products with the API Monogram, as well as a classified listing by API specification.  Included in this listing are more than 300 APIQR ISO 9000 registered firms.

The API Composite List also provides an alphabetical listing of companies that have registered their designs with the API Perforator System Registration Program, the newest of our API Quality Programs.

Published versions of The API Composite List are updated and released semi-annually, while the data for the electronic version of The API Composite List is updated daily.

Web Access to Composite List Data

Chesapeake Data Systems developed a Web-based application that allows anyone to easily search a database to display information about the manufacturers listed in the API Composite List.  The database was set up to accommodate the following general requirements:

 The basic database structure is as follows:

Specification Table                Product Table              License/Product Table    License Table         Facility Table      Country Table

API Specification ID------->API Specification ID       License ID<------------License ID             Country<---------Country

API Specification Code        Product ID------------->Product ID                    Facility ID<-------Facility ID             Region

Specification Description       Product Name                                                     License Number    Company Name

                                                                                                                                                     Facility Name


The basic search capability allows a user to search based on specification, product, or company name and, if desired, a specific country.

The advanced search capability allows a user to search bases on one or more of the following: specifications, products, countries, regions, and/or states.

The search results lists each facilities demographic information and all their licenses.  A hyperlink for each license allows the user to view all of the products for which the facility is licensed.

Click here to view the application.